Refurb Models

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    Multivac C350 1PH (2008)
    £5,499.00 £1,799.00
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    Henkelman Toucan Vertical Vacuum Packing Machine (2011)
    £2,999.00 £1,499.00
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    Henkelman Polar 80 LL 3 Phase (2014)
    £6,159.00 £3,499.00
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    Reepack RV200 (Year 2013)
    £2,999.00 £999.00
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    Henkovac E-253 3ph (2009)
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    Multivac C100 (2013)
    £2,575.00 £999.00
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    Tepro PP5 (2004)
    £1,599.00 £799.00

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