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Vacuum Packer Suppliers, UK

Henkelman Jumbo 42 Vacuum Packer

Jumbo 42 is now priced at £1,299 + VAT

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Vacuum Packer Suppliers, UK

Windsor Home Water Bath

Windsor Home Water Bath is now priced at £150 + VAT

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Vacuum Packer Suppliers, UK

Henkelman are the UK & European No.1 brand of vacuum packers

Henkelman is the best choice for professional vacuum packer machines. Their range of vacuum
packers is extremely comprehensive….

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Vacuum Packer Suppliers, UK

Henkelman are the UK & European No.1 brand of vacuum packers

…from the smallest table-top vacuum packer model, to the largest heavy duty double chamber machines.

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Why vacuum pack?


• Vacuum packing extends the shelf life by 2-5 times longer than a standard cold chamber storage
• It gives you a traceable product history
• Offers optimum protection for the product
• Presents the product well
• If used in conjunction with a water bath for sous-vide cooking, the process enhances the flavour

Vacuum packed food – approximate storage life extension:
Meat: Natural duration – 3 days / Vacuum refrigerated – 15 days
Fish: Natural duration – 3 days / Vacuum refrigerated – 12 days
Vegetables: Natural duration – 7 days / Vacuum refrigerated – 25 days
Ham: Natural duration – 5 days / Vacuum refrigerated – 20 days
Cooked dishes (e.g. rice, pasta): Natural duration – 3 days / Vacuum refrigerated – 15 days

vacuum industrial
vacuum fish


• Vacuum packing gives protection and volume reduction
• External dust and dirt are kept out
• The airtight package delays corrosion and keeps moisture from getting to the product
• Scratches and chafing are prevented during transport
• Certain plastics and rubbers don’t dry out when placed in an airtight package
• Composite packages are guaranteed complete
• Storage and transportation costs are reduced
• A vacuum packed package prevents fraud

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Henkelman UK. Vacuum Packer Suppliers

Henkelman UK – Vacuum Packer Suppliers is a dedicated specialist company with total focus on vacuum packaging machinery, providing solutions for industry in food, pharmaceutical and non-food applications. We are true specialists in the field of vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging machinery. The products we promote are all world renowned for their innovative design, durability, performance, build quality and Busch vacuum pumps, and they represent the best choice for any long term, high output production environment.

Henkelman UK are not ‘machine dealers’ or ‘box shifters’. Our expertise in vacuum packaging techniques spans more than 30 years and the equipment we sell has been selected to give our customers quality without compromise, with the capability to give trouble free production for many years.

Our focus on the single line business allows us to stay ahead of our competitors, and we believe our products are the best available on the market today.

Henkelman UK Headquarters covers over 13,000 sq ft and has a fully stocked demonstration area for new machines as well an extensive range of spare parts stocked on site. We are also able to supply plain and printed vacuum pouches.

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