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Why Vacuum Pack?

  • Vacuum packing extends the shelf life by 2-5 times longer than a standard cold chamber storage.
  • It gives you traceability
  • Offers optimum protection for the product.
  • Presents the product well.
  • If used in conjunction with a water bath for sous-vide cooking, the process enhances the flavour
Vacuum packed food approximate shelf life extension

Meat Natural duration 3 days / Vacuum refrigerated 15 days
Fish Natural duration 3 days / Vacuum refrigerated 12 days
Vegetables Natural duration 7 days / Vacuum refrigerated 25 days
Ham Natural duration 5 days / Vacuum refrigerated 20 days
Cooked dishes (e.g. rice, pasta): Natural duration 3 days / Vacuum refrigerated 15 days


  • Vacuum packing gives protection and volume reduction.
  • External dust and dirt are kept out.
  • The airtight package delays corrosion and keeps moisture from getting to the product.
  • Scratches and chafing are prevented during transport.
  • Certain plastics and rubbers don’t dry out when placed in an airtight package.
  • Composite packages are guaranteed complete.
  • Storage and transportation costs are reduced.
  • A vacuum packed package prevents fraud.