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Aura 42+

Aura 42+



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The Aura is an award-winning vacuum packer, recognized as the winner of the World Catering Awards & Culinary Appliance Innovation 2024.

This machine effortlessly creates perfectly vacuum-packed products with its advanced software and innovative features.

With the Henkelman H-touch control panel, the Aura enables seamless and intelligent vacuum packing. Simply select the product or image on the panel, and the machine automatically activates the correct functionalities.

This intelligent form of vacuum packing, known as I-Vac, includes dozens of pre-set programs, ensuring that every product is perfectly vacuum packed every time. Functions such as liquid control, marinating, and multistep
vacuum are standard and fully integrated into the Aura.

I-Vac: Intelligent Vacuum Packing with Advanced Software The Aura is equipped with a range of pre-set vacuum-packing programs to create optimal and professionally sealed products. The innovative software ensures the correct machine settings are activated.

Users can also add or optimize vacuuming programs to suit specific needs, making the Aura a seamless fit in any packaging process, cycle after cycle.

Henkelman H-touch Control Panel The Aura is the first in our range to feature the exclusive, advanced, full-colour Henkelman H-touch control panel.

This modern touch screen with icons makes navigating between options straightforward, allowing every user to easily
find and activate the necessary program. With just a click, the packaging process is simplified, making this innovative user interface a standout feature.

Elegant Dutch Design Designed for both functionality and aesthetics, the Aura boasts beautiful, rounded corners and a large, integrated H-touch control panel, making it a stylish addition to open kitchens or shops.

The seamless transition between the inner chamber and outer casing ensures easy cleaning in compliance with hygiene standards. Additionally, the Aura is designed to be compatible with future upgrades such as a gas flushing system or a label printer.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Intelligent Vacuum Packing (I-Vac): Advanced software with pre-set programs for optimal packing.
  • H-touch Control Panel: Full-colour touch screen for easy operation. Elegant Design: Aesthetic appeal with rounded corners and seamless integration.
  • Hygienic and Easy to Clean: Smooth transitions between components. Future-Ready: Compatible with additional systems like gas flushing and label

Suitable For:

  • High street butchers, fishmongers, delicatessens, bars, and restaurants.
  • Applications in Other Industries:
  • Computer and Electronics: Prevents damage, corrosion, and tampering.
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical: Prevents exposure to contaminants and corrosion.
  • Non-Food Industries: Ideal for product storage and transportation.
    Packaging and Delivery: Reduces damage, size, and weight.

Production Level:
Production Volume: Regular daily use.
Product Size: Small to medium.

The Aura is the commercial-grade tabletop machine you need for efficient and intelligent vacuum packing. Plug and play ready, it’s perfect for any small to medium-sized commercial operation. If you are looking for a cutting-edge vacuum packer that combines innovation with user-friendly design, the Aura is the ideal choice.

  • Chamber dimensions (L x W x H): 370 x 420 x 180 mm
  • Machine dimensions (L x W x H):  523 x 491 x 464 mm
  • Voltage:  230V-1-50Hz 
  • Pump capacity 50 Hz/60 Hz (m3): 21 
  • Machine cycle 50 Hz/60 Hz (sec.):12-33
  • Power (kW): 0,8 – 1,0
  • Weight (kg): 61
  • Net seal length (mm): 410

  • With one sealing bar as standard (front)
  • With double seal as standard (two sealing wires)
  • Optional at no extra cost: Cut-off/wide Cut-off/wide seal
  • Pump maintenance and cleaning program
  • Standard Liquid control
  •  I-Vac: Intelligent Intelligent vacuum-packing vacuum-packing with advanced advanced
  • Standard soft air
  • Stainless steel casing and transparent lid
  • Supplied with two insert plates for a faster cycle
    and good positioning

• Gas Flush / MAP packaging
Contact us for details and prices of available optional extras.

Machine is available ex-stock for next working day delivery to UK Mainland if an order is completed by 2pm Monday – Friday (Excludes Bank Holidays).

Please contact us prior to placing an order if your delivery address is outside of UK Mainland to offer a quotation. Should we not be contacted to advise delivery charges away from UK Mainland, your order can be delayed.

12 months Parts & Labour (exc consumables) 3 year parts & labour warranty available providing a service contract is organised by Henkelman UK

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