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Vacuum packing is a process that is used to remove 99.8% (2mbar) of air from a vacuum pouch. This method ensures the product is left with a minimal amount of air in the pouch once it has been sealed by the vac pack machine. The most common use of a vacuum packer is to extend the shelf life of a product. By reducing the levels of oxygen in the vacuum pouch, micro-organisms are starved and unable to grow and spoil the vacuum packed product.

Another key feature of a vacuum packer is the reduction of spoilage as a result of oxidation.

The use of a vacuum packing machine is not just for food products, but they are widely used across many markets ie. Reduce the size of products for better/easier storage, protect products & for packing valuables such as money. Pharmaceutical products, industrial components & export items are often vacuum packed.

Vacuum packing (or vac pack) machines are increasingly being used by a wide range of savvy businesses all across Europe and throughout the rest of the world. But why?

A key advantage of using these machines is that the vacuum packing process removes 99.8% of air in the item and its container. This significantly reduces the size of items, meaning they are easier to store and transport.

Another key benefit of using a vac pack machine is that by removing air from items, the shelf life of the product can be extended. This is because you can reduce the risk of spoilage caused by oxidation. For example, in the case of vacuum packing food products, the shelf life can extend two to five times longer than through cold chamber storage.

But vac pack machines are not just useful for food products. Businesses now use them for pharmaceutical products, industrial components, fabrics, money and a lot more! Organisations favour this method because, again, it dramatically reduces the size of items, but it also protects the stock, keeps dirt and moisture out, delays corrosion and prevents scratching.

We at Henkelman have a large collection of vac pack machine models for all of your commercial needs.

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Henkelman Range of Vacuum Packers

  • Micro Jumbo
    Micro Jumbo
  • Mini Jumbo
    Mini Jumbo
  • Jumbo Plus
    Jumbo Plus
  • Jumbo 30
    Jumbo 30
  • Jumbo 42
  • Boxer 42
    Boxer 42
  • Boxer 52
    Boxer 52
  • Boxer 42XL
    Boxer 42XL
  • Lynx 32
    Lynx 32
  • Lynx 42
    Lynx 42
  • Boxer 42 LCD H20
  • Toucan 42 Regular
    Toucan 42 Regular

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