Henkelman: ESD & Bi-Active Sealing Options

We can supply a specially modified machine to suit all ESD (electrostatic discharge) and Bi-active sealing requirements!

ESD is crucial to protect specific components and the following negative effects can be prevented;

  • Breakdown of insulation
  • Breakdown of semiconductors
  • Amalgamation of conductive networks
  • Emergence of untraceable errors
  • Deterioration of component performance
  • Premature component failure

Furthermore, the machine can be equipped with Bi-active seal when there is a requirement to vacuum pack aluminium, or other thick bags exceeding 180mu.

Bi-active sealing system offers seals bars on both the inside of the lid (replacing the anvil bar) and the where the traiditional “standard” seal bar is located. Bi-active offers a guaranteed seal with the seal bar wires reaching 170 degrees Celsius to weld the vacuum bag closed.

Take a look at one of our table top models equipped with ESD and Bi-active sealing; Henkelman Boxer 42 XL LCD Bi-Active + ESD