A Henkelman chamber vacuum packing machine can save your business many £’s! Sending an item of clothing, or pillow etc by standard courier or post can be an expensive process. By introducing vacuum packing, each item can be dramatically reduced and as result offer you a huge saving on postage across the UK, and world! The photo below shows the end result from using a Henkelman vacuum packing machine. FOUR (4) jumpers, and TWO (2)
We can supply a specially modified machine to suit all ESD (electrostatic discharge) and Bi-active sealing requirements! ESD is crucial to protect specific components and the following negative effects can be prevented; Breakdown of insulation Breakdown of semiconductors Amalgamation of conductive networks Emergence of untraceable errors Deterioration of component performance Premature component failure Furthermore, the machine can be equipped with Bi-active seal when there is a requirement to vacuum pack aluminium, or other thick bags
We have a range of chamber vacuum packing machines; table top, and floor standing that have been refurbished by our workshop and ready for sale. Refurbished models offer a huge saving against brand new. All models are quality pieces of equipment, & supplied with a warranty for peace of mind Click HERE to view our refurbished vacuum packing machines
We take a look back at our most recent exhibition appearence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a15UfQ1jhhk&t=3s
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