Refurbished/Reconditioned Vacuum Packing Machines

We have an ongoing stock of refurbished/reconditioned vacuum packing machines. Most are table top, but we currently have a small selection of floor standing models ready to go The machines are put through our workshop for a full service prior to dispatch and supplied...

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New launch … The Atmoz Series

Introducing the all NEW Atmoz series These three new models are industrial machines, with the USP being the price. Everything you have come to expect from Henkelman is present in the Atmoz models. All floor standing models; one single chamber & two double chamber....

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Happy New Year – Year of the Henkelman! 🙂

Happy New Year! 2016 flew by and 2017 is well & truly upon us. Henkelman can offer the full package when it comes to your vacuum packaging & MAP requirements. Whether it be table top, through to automatic models. 90% of our brochure is available from stock for...

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Henkelman Lynx 42 Transparent

Our latest model to grace the showroom is the Henkelman Lynx 42 Transparent. It is designed to show the full goings on inside of the machine that the customer doesn't normally get to see. Along with the remote controlled lighting it is certainly a spectacle! Look out...

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Henkelman Vacuum Packing – Compressed Fruit

Courtesy of our friend Wayne Sullivan (@ChefWayner) we have one of our machines being used for compression. The concoction; rum compressed pineapple 🙂 Chamber vacuum packing machines are perfect for compression & marination as when under vacuum, the pores of a...

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Industrial Vacuum Sealing Machine

We have a range of the highest quality industrial vacuum sealing machines for use in various industries. Incorporating the latest technology, our models are fitted with Busch pumps and contactless double seam sealing bars as standard, and feature hygienic, easy to...

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Dry-aging & Vacuum Packaging

Aging in a vacuum bag enhances the effect of dry-aging   All meat must age to become tender and tasty. And what is the best way? Dry-aging is hot. But there are other ways to age meat too. What is the difference between the aging of meat in an aging box and in a...

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Marinating Program

Thanks to smart software, the structure of the meat is being opened. This enables the marinade to maximally penetrate the meat’s veins. How does it work? Marinating is an option that is used for creating better marinated food products. Just put the marinated product...

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Size Reduction – Huge Savings & Benefits

With the costs of postage and couriers ever increasing, the option of size reduction to make savings is very attractive to a business and this is where Henkelman come in! 1066 Sales Limited are an online UK sales retailer selling great value clothes, lingerie &...

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